Thursday, March 05, 2009

Invisible support for visible opposition

We live by faith and not by sight. Maybe I am talking to you today and maybe I am not but for those who NEED encouragement, comfort and healing please hear what the LORD has to say to you.
I know that things seem to be chaotic in your life right now but you have to remember to declare your supremacy over ALL the works of the devil. It is so important in these days to NOT be overwhelmed or fearful of the opposition you are seeing in your life. If you are like me then you may feel the need to panic from every angle but you must remain steadfast and focus on the SOLID foundation of God's help and love for you.
I heard the Holy Spirit remind me for the millionth time this battle belongs to the LORD. Our part is to believe, trust and confess for HIM to do His part.
Again I have to tell you PUT your EYES on HIS WORD and off of what you see. The visible opposition that you do SEE is not GREATER than the support you do not see.
Be Blessed, Manie