Friday, March 06, 2009

The Good News about our finances...

These are the money headlines news across the Web today:
Prepare yourself for the rough economy ahead-
One on 8 U.S. homeowners late paying or in foreclosure-
Jobless rate bolts to 8.1 percent, 651k jobs lost-

People of God, the fact is that the report from the world is only getting worse concerning our financial status. And yes it is the true that message of Jesus Christ is not about money but it is about freedom, wholeness and abundant life and those things are not possible if we are hungry, homeless and not able to support His message. The world would have us to think that there seems to be no natural way to escape the forecast of lack and financial despair. But beyond that fact lies the truth that on side is a God also known to us as Jehovah Jireh and El Shaddai. The truth is there is no cap on the stimulus package the God has already provided for His children.

We are promised according to Isaiah 60:11 (NLT) Your gates will stay open around the clock to receive the wealth of many lands. Verse 16 reads that powerful kings and mighty nations will satisfy your every need..

I believe with all my heart, soul and spirit that the promises of God belong to me and YES and Amen in Christ. So I make a decision to believe, ask, confess and receive them ALL in faith. I don't focus on what I do not have but keep my eyes open and my heart focused on what I do have with God.

It is time for us to invest in the kingdom of God and believe and see God honor the service and sacrifice of our money back into our lives. I pray this word ministers to all who need who read it.

A brief side note is that additionally I have a prayer of prosperity for sale on my youpublish page. The prayer is one you can buy and should read and pray over as often as possible and as much as needed. It is time saints of God to build our faith to receive from God that we may be able to bless and help all of God's people that are in need. Be Blessed, Manie