Monday, March 09, 2009


That is the title of a very moving song by Kurt Carr but it is also the state some of us find ourselves in today. It is the condition of almost letting go. We are waiting in frustration, impatience and misery and NOT maximizing this as an opportunity of preparation.
My 4 yr. old has thing she does when she absolutely has to have her own way. She takes really deep exaggerated deep breaths and plops herself down over and over on the bed or a chair. She wants me to know how absolutely miserable, frustrated and overwhelmed she is by not having a treat or being able to watch Max & Ruby if I am busy with my writing.
That is what we do with the LORD… we mope. We tell the LORD we can’t wait one more second to see our prayers come to pass. We make the decision that if it’s not today then just forget about it. That is exactly what the enemy wants us to do so that we give up on what God has already given to us. I know that I talk about perseverance, endurance and patience a lot but that is because for so many of us THOSE are the only things between us and our blessings.
You need to make a decision to know that your praying, believing, confessing and expecting is NOT in vain. Our faith is only in the present tense and we must believe that at the moment of asking our prayers were done. Don’t almost let go.
Be Blessed, Manie