Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Leap of faith

We all love a good ole fashion rag to riches story. And even still some of us resign to spend our life on the side li nes being content with our commonplace jobs and our commonplace. existence. I believe in all of us has there is yet to be discovered a mountain of unfulfilled potential and uncharted possibilities. In all of us there are gifts and talents deposited by God Himself to make an impact on this world.
It has been said by Pastor Paula White that the life God has for you is BIGGER than the life you are living right now.
We need to acknowledge inside of us that big dream that goes beyond anything you could make happen by yourself in the natural the one . I am talking about a supersize desire that need divine assistance and supernatural help. A dream that would require you stretching yourself beyond anything you think you are right now capable of handling. The point I am trying to make is resurrect that dream today in the name of Jesus. Tell God you know He is a big God and you are asking HIM for help and support with your big dreams. Get out the kiddie pool and take a leap in to deep. It is time to take risks and grow from your mistakes. It is time to step out into the unknown and make a choice for better change in your life. Believe me I understand better than you can imagine how tough can seem to go in pursuit of your dreams. But right now my hunger for better is bigger than the fear of the unknown. If you understood the choice of doing this with God you would know this is not a luck of the draw but a guarantee of faith. God is for and when you are in relationship with him you understand that all things will work out together for your good. In Jesus Name Be Blessed, Manie