Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get it- Got it- Good!!!

Everyday you MUST feed your faith twith houghts of victory and spoken words of triumph. Your soul has felt so defeated for so long and your spirit has been so malnourished of God's truth that it is the ONLY way you will get to where God is taking you right now.
Today the LORD wants you to know that you are NOT trying to overcome sin but in Christ you have been redeemed from the dominion of sin. Too many teachers and preachers are still continuing to fight a fight that has already been won.
You are not trying to get healed the word says by His stripes you ARE healed.
You should not be trying to be victorious because the word says you are already MORE than a conqueror and that God causes all things to {now} work together for your good.
Stop trying to get what the word says you already have.

With these words that I am writing today there is healing and truth that the Holy Ghost wants to personally minister individually to you. He wants you to know trusting and believing God is not a gamble.
The word of God is alive and it WORKS when you meditate, trust and believe it with all your heart, soul and strength and speak it the same way.
Look past what you feel and beyond what you see and know today that regardless of what you are facing you GOT IT. Regardless to what looks impossible you will be sure to GET IT.
It's all GOOD even if there is no one that can help or wants to help you because the truth is that Christ alone is all you need when even Christ alone is all you have.
In the end I want to decree to you stop fighting to win what Christ has already won for you. You can't lose. You won't fail. Be Blessed, Manie