Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What kind of God do you know?

Jesus said in Matthew 10:32-33 "Stand up for me against world opinion and I'll stand up for you before my Father in heaven. If you turn tail and run, do you think I'll cover for you? Earlier this year I followed the instruction and voice of the LORD to do something that some people didn't and maybe still don't understand. Earlier this year I told some people some things that God has promised to me that maybe they did or didn't believe. Yet I obeyed the voice of God. It was and still isn't easy. Sometimes I had moments of doubting myself and even God nevertheless I am still here. I have learn that when it comes to God that the command to obey doesn't always come with instructions to understand. If there were two things I would say about me it was that I use to be a very practical common-sense kind of girl and also a people-pleaser. Of course I have had moments where I made some mistakes and followed my heart and not God but those times were the exception and not the rule. A lot of well meaning people told me that maybe I was being too extreme and that God surely couldn't and wouldn't have said to me what He did. But I know He did and in the end He will prove HIMSELF to have told the truth and every other man to be a liar.
When Samuel was on a mission to pick the next king and in looking at Jesse's sons the word says in In 1 Samuel 16:7 But the Lord said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."
God knows why He choose David and not one of the other brothers as well He alone knows why He choose Joseph from his brothers and Abraham instead of Lot.
There may be some people that never see from God what I am expecting to see. Maybe some people only know a God that helps them get by and not causes them to get over.
Maybe some people know a God that can heal cancer but not raise them from the dead when the sheet is over their face and the tag on their toe. BUT I DO.
Maybe some people can believe for God to help them get a house financed but not cause someone to give you a house already paid for. BUT I DO.
Maybe some people can believe God will cause them to find a few dollars in the crack of a couch but not supernaturally cause them to be blessed with a million dollars BUT I DO.
I not only believe that God can change me I believe that He can change the ones I know that don't know him and have no desire to know him. I know the kind of God that can change Saul to Paul and cause light to never be diminished by darkness. Is that the kind of God that you know?
Do you know a God that can make a way where there is absolutely, positively no OTHER way. The word of God promises us in Isaiah 41:14 that GOD Himself will help you.
There are times when I can't see how it will get done but I know that everything He spoke to me and about me will get done. I have said to the LORD I will do it. Even when I don't understand and especially when it hurts I will say YES.
Like Jonah I ran for a long time to what God was calling me BUT GOD never gave up on me even when I gave up on me and HIM. Today I thank God for His mercy, His grace, His faithfulness and especially His love.
I wake up with the words of Deut 6:5 on my lips every morning. I love the LORD my GOD with all my heart, all my soul and all my strength. If I had a trillion tongues I couldn't say enough how much I love God my Father, Jesus my Savior, and the Holy Ghost my helper. I know the God who saves, who heals, who redeems, who forgives, who loves, who gives. I am know the kind of God that I know I just want to raise the question in your spirit what kind of God do you know? In Jesus Name Be Blessed, Manie