Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The attack on your decision

Jeremiah 4:28b I have decided and will not turn back.....
Today I want talk about the attack on your decision. So you went to God about a particular thing and asked for healing, deliverance, a financial breakthrough, or a relationship to repair and restored to brand new. For a moment things were looking good and then something happened..the pain came back, the money you were expecting didn't come through or the relationship grows worse. You go to God and pray some..plead more..beg again but still it doesn't look or feel any better. People may tell you that maybe God hasn't or isn't going to answer your prayer you because of this reason or that reason like maybe he is trying to humble you through this mess OR you are not fasting enough. Maybe even more than they are saying that God doesn't cured AIDS or stage 3 cancer. Maybe no one in your family never had a business, graduated from college, had a long and happy marriage, or a successful ministry. It seems as if everything you see contradicts what God has spoken and promised you. You look at the physical proof that is directly opposite of what God has said to you. You start to wonder if God will do it and ponder can God do THIS. You prayer goes from I know God can, I believe God will and turns to I think God might and I see God hasn't. All of this is an attack on your decision to be trust and believe God. It is time for you to know and see the works of the enemy in your situation. Luke 10:19 lets us know that we have been given power over all the power of the enemy. Speak it that in the power of the name of Jesus I take authority and come against every work and influence of the devil in my circumstances. Life and Death is in the power of YOUR tongue.
No matter what you see or don't see- good or bad- take him at His word that it wil happen for you. When you have NOTHING to stand on but a word from God still know that THAT His word is more than enough. Believe for the supernatural. Pray for the Impossible. Hope for the miraculous.
Make your mind again that God I truly don't when and I can't see how but my mind is made up today God that it is DONE for me. All the promises, dreams and hopes IT is done for me. Lord today I believe that all dreams and visions will come to pass. When the opposition comes to attack your decision stare IT dead in the face and decree too late it has been done.
In Numbers 13-14 Joshua and Caleb went against the beliefs of the other spies and the rest of the Israel and they made up their mind to trust God to give them the land. They didn't see powerful people and a fortified city like the others all that they saw was that God was with them. They made up their mind to really really trust God to do it for them IN SPITE of the opposition.
In Matthew the woman with the issue of blood had really made up mind that she would be healed. She didn't think what if it doesn't happen and someone sees me out here and I get stoned to death. She pressed in, she crawled, and she at the very least thought all I need is to touch hem of his garment. Jesus said to her it was her faith that had healed her because she made up her mind to be made whole.
Your faith is having and keeping a made up mind. A made up mind believes and trust in the promise from God in spite of it everything. I have a made up mind that no matter what it looks like God has moved for me and it is done. I have a made up mind that I don't do battle with the devil because he is defeated. The only thing I fight is the good fight of faith. I fight to keep my faith. I fight to increase my faith. I fight to keep my mind made up that IT will happen when God know it looks like it won't. I fight to keep my mind made up that it can when God's know it looks like it can't. I fight to keep my mind made up that God HAS when heaven knows it looks like God hasn't.
In Jesus Name keep your mind made up, Manie