Monday, September 15, 2008

Are you talking and walking?

You know there is an old saying that you can talk the talk but you mustalso walk the walk. I believe in the concept of positive confessionbased on speaking the word of God. I also believe in the naturalresponsibility of doing our part. Most of us are pros at the confessingbut yet struggling with the POSSESSION. It is not faith to just speakit. That is like a dollar bill that is blank on the opposite side.Illegal tender. We must as well walk out our faith by the way we live.James 1:22 writes Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceiveyourselves, Do what it says. Remember the word also says The just shalllive by faith. In Luke 13 v. 11-12 And there was a woman there who foreighteen years had had an infirmity caused by a spirit (a demon ofsickness). She was bent completely forward and utterly unable tostraighten herself up or to look upward. And when Jesus saw her, Hecalled [her to Him] and said to her, Woman, you are released from yourinfirmity! Here was a woman who had to walk looking down I am sure thatevery step was a task for her. But yet here she is in the synagogues onthe Sabbath. That is enough to convict of us to never miss church.Moving on.. healing was considered work and not suppose to take place onthe Sabbath but her faith had her take the trip there anyway. While atthe synagogue someone calls her forward to them. It is not the familiarvoice of a friend or a family member it was the voice of the teacher shehad just heard. The woman didn't hesitate obey the voice of Christ. Shedidn't question the Messiah. She didn't grumble or complain about howfar she had already walked and how long she had been bent over in thiscondition. In faith she believed and with her actions she moved towardthe Teacher and was rewarded by being loosed from her infirmity. Amen!!!I need to ask some of you a question today. Are you needing to walk justa few more steps to move into your miracle? Remember the steps of a goodman are (already) ordered by the Lord. In The message version of thebible it writes in Romans 3:28b God does NOT respond to what we do, werespond to what God does. What we do is to sometimes talk the talk butwhat God does is always walk the walk. We talk the talk by confessingthe promises of God over ourselves and then we walk the walk by steppingout on faith in the confidence that it is DONE. Romans 4:20 is the KEYto be able to confess and possess - He (Abraham) did not waver at thepromise of God through unbelief, but was strengthen in faith, givingglory to God, and being fully convinced that what He (GOD) had promisedHe (GOD) was also able to perform. Abraham's faith was in theFAITHFULNESS of God. I once heard Jesse Duplantis tell a story about atime in his life when he was not able to fill up his car with a fulltank of gas. This was back during a time when gas was 55 cents a gallon.And it was a 10 gallon tank. One day sitting in his car with no gasthere was a jet flying overhead. It was then that the Lord spoke to himthat Pastor Duplantis would have a jet. Pastor Duplantis said hereplied back to the Lord that he didn't even have $5.50 to fill his carwith gas. To which he said The Lord spoke back to him Jesse I am notasking you to pay for the jet just believe for the jet. What words ofrevelation. That is the problem with some of us. Abraham believe God andyielded his body in union with his wife to bring about the birth ofIssac. Every time I write a devotion I am putting my faith in theAlmighty God on display for others to be healed, comforted and blessed.I am telling people I believe that the God I serve is a healer ofincurable diseases, a deliver of insurmountable troubles, a provider inthe most impoverished situations. I believe that He has taken me who wasthe most depressed, weak, and negative woman and called and choose meto be a voice of encouragement to the masses. I believe that through Hisanointing on my life my words will cause some one's faith to becomestronger. Their strength renew. their hope brighter. Their encouragementgreater. In Jesus name be blessed, Manie