Monday, February 16, 2009

Going at it alone....

Some thing that has been taught for a long time in the kingdom of Christ concerns knowing and walking in God's will for our lives. I think for most believers we don't have a problem walking in God's will for our lives we just have problems struggling in knowing the exact plans concerning His will for our lives.
You can read in any of the four gospels that Jesus knew He would be crucified and then be resurrected on the third day. But there is no written knowledge that Jesus knew the intridicate details leading to His death.
Did He know of the crown of thorns placed on His skull...was He aware of the ridicule and verbal mockery of Him as the son of God?
Even in the Old Testament you can read of Jonathan in 1 Samuel 14:6 and all he has going into battle was a perhaps concerning the presence of God being with him.

Today the Lord wants us to know that He trusts us to be able to hear from Him and walk in His spiritual wisdom concerning the plans we make for our lives.

When calls us to move forward in a certain assignmemt He may not tell you every obstacle and adversity you may face on your way to your destination. You may not know how to pack for your trip or who to take with you. The Apostle Paul went forward to preach the gospel and spent most of the time in prison.
Joshua and Caleb knew the LORD was with them to possess the land of Canaan and didnt know in the natural how it would be done.

I heard Paula White say last night that God works from chaos to cosmos. She said with God there is a method to the madness. Today especially I can relate to that word about God.
In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus spoke and gave instruction for the great comission. In that assignment from Christ there is no detailed plan about how that thing would look like to those men or even to us today.
When it comes to walking out God's plan for your life you have to be careful that you know that everybody will not know what God is doing in your life. You would be wise in not seeking instruction from people who are not going where you are and have never been where your at.

A lot of times we ask for agreement and at the same time we are seeking approval. The Lord spoke to me some nights ago that for where and what He has called me to that I must be willing to go at it alone. For me the one who always wanted others approval and their validation that has been a tough request but it is one that I must and I will obey from the Lord.

God is not the author confusion so the confusion you may feel or sense is not a warning from Him to tell you to stop. Because we are His sheep and we follow his voice so He can clearly say Yes or No to us. The confusion is a tactic of the enemy to stop your decision and delay your actions.

Finally I want to say to everyone reading this ...there is something you have been considering doing for a while now and you have asked the Lord over and over if you should do it and you are still confused. This is your confirmation from the LORD to execute your plan of action. The GOOD thing about going at it alone without others approval is that God alone will get the glory when you succeed. There will not be one other person -believer or not- that will able to say they agreed or approved with the decisions and plans you made to step out on faith.

Finally in faith I decree according to Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.