Thursday, December 11, 2008

Got Misery?

Micah 7:1a What misery is mine!
God gave me this message some time ago but it has been a struggle to get it from my spirit out into the natural. It is about misery. The bible has much to say about people dealing with misery. Like in the Old Testament Leah struggled with being miserable because Jacob didn't love her. As well the bible says that the children of Israel struggled with being miserable while under the harsh dictatorship of Pharaoh. I am not saying that in either of these cases or any other situation that people don't have circumstances or situations that can attempt to make them miserable. Yet I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying we have a choice to make in whether we succumb to accepting misery. You may NOT be able to change your condition but you can change the choice you make in how to see it and deal with it. For some people misery has become a way of life and just like the common cold misery is contagious. I know a lot of times the enemy tries to make us feel like we don't have a choice in how we deal with life. But the closer I walk with God the more I see that we a choice in the way we choose to live. For a very long in my life I was miserable and I had no problem continuing to staying miserable. It is sad to realize but sometimes we have no problem adapting to even the worst of circumstances. Then instead of pressing through the temporary discomfort of growth we stay comfortable in the pain of our misery. Saints of God, we have to make a choice and say NO MORE. Everyday is a choice to make the decision to rejoice and be glad in the LORD. Now in my life I have such an aversion to misery or any other sort of negativity that I can instantly sense it in another person. It is difficult being around a person that is not happy and pretty much hasn't made the decision to be happy. Have you ever been in close proximity to someone who makes a big deal out of EVERYTHING. Just burning their toast or spilling their coffee in the morning is ENOUGH to ruin their entire day. These kinds of people don't deal with disappointments or distraction easily. Every little breeze is enough to knock them down and keep them down.
Maybe some people are miserable because they don't know how much God loves them and how much He is for them. Maybe those people wallow in misery because they don't understand that God has made them to be more than a conqueror. Is it possible that these folks have never read in the good book that God always causes them to triumph. You don't have to be miserable when you realize that your future is destined to be brighter than your past. Let me go ahead and caution you that if you have placed all prospects of happiness in people and other things in this world then YES you are guaranteed a life of MISERY. But if you learn that those who hope in the LORD will never be ashamed then you will right now live a life full of blessings and success. Be Blessed, Manie